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We buy up metal scrap all over Europe. We have specialized in the purchase of non-ferrous metals, NE- metals, stainless steel and precious metals.  

We ensure that such metal waste is disposed of in an environmentally conscious and professional manner. The metal waste is melted down in smelting plants. There new material is created from the scrap metal and thus the economic cycle is promoted. 

Since our fleet of trucks with cranes and dump trucks is on the road daily (nationally and internationally), it is of course possible to provide you containers so that you can conveniently fill them with your metal scrap.  

Here are a few examples of cables & wires that we buy: 


brass / bronze:

Cu- wire Millberry               

Ms- 58 waste/chips 

Cu- rails E-Cu                

Ms- 63 waste/ chips 

Cu- light scrap                 

Ms- EDM wire 

Cu- heavy scrap                

Ms- heavy scrap (fittings etc.) 



Cu cable                        

special brass waste/ chips 

red brass waste/ chips 

WBZ/ GBZ/ chips



al profile scrap                  

zinc sheet metal/ cast iron 

al wire scrap                 

lead- letting/balanced lead/old lead

al sheet metal scrap                  

al offset plates                 


al casting                        

pure tin 

al shavings                       

solder waste 

al cable


Stainless steel scrap:                 

iron and steel scrap:

V2A waste/ chips                                   

we buy only after inquiry and quantity

V4A- Waste/ chips 

chrome steel   

NCT waste 


  • Container provision possible
  • Pick-up of our own trucks or forwarding transport agencies of our trust
  • Grid boxes/pallets can be exchanged
  • Cable scrap purchase possible after evaluation
  • Cable scrap purchase possible after immediate purchase             

We are happy to purchase your metal scrap at market prices. Please ask us for prices and we will submit you an offer. Please contact us if you would like to offer us something. Thank you very much for your interest.